For PPF, most car owners will choose TPU material. However, even the most popular TPU material has advantages and disadvantages, such as aromatic TPU and aliphatic TPU.

The main difference between aliphatic and aromatic is the composition. Aromatic TPU contains benzene rings, also known as MDI series, which is susceptible to external interference and is unstable. Aromatic TPU PPF is prone to yellowing and rapid aging. Aromatic TPU is mainly used in synthetic leather, building materials and other products where yellowing resistance is not required.

Aliphatic TPU is a new type of elastic plastic. Its molecular density is several times that of aromatic TPU. It has changed a series of problems of traditional aromatic TPU such as easy yellowing, low clarity, and poor light stability. It can maintain its own properties for a long time. It is a product that has excellent transparency and color, and has good anti-aging and anti-yellowing properties.

Aliphatic TPU can be firmly adsorbed , with up to about 30,000 contact points, which is not easy to separate and fall off, not easy to bubble and warp, and has longer-lasting protective performance.

Therefore, when car owners choose TPU PPF , they should choose aliphatic TPU!


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What is the difference between aliphatic TPU and aromatic TPU ?

Created on:2023-10-25 16:38