Covestro 88395AU TPU

Create high-performance, high-gloss PPF paint protection films

Desmopan ® 88395AU thermoplastic polyurethane film has become the important choice for high-performance PPF paint protection film solutions. This polyurethane film has become important PPF products from many well-known TPU PPF suppliers.

The entire Desmopan TPU range is highly abrasion resistant, remains flexible over a wider temperature range, and remains highly elastic throughout the entire hardness range. Desmopan ® 88395AU is designed for paint protection film applications and offers excellent weather resistance, aliphatic non-yellowing clarity and high physical strength.

For car owners, paint protection film with Desmopan ® 88395AU can protect car's paint from scratches, scratches and paint chipping for 5-10 years. The thermoplastic polyurethane PPF core material is resistant to oils, greases and solvents as well as chemicals, UV rays and acid rain. These high-performance qualities make Desmopan ® 88395AU the first choice among suppliers of premium PPF paint protection films.

The raw material of Covestro 88395AU brings high quality TPU PPF film

Created on:2024-02-03 11:59